Live life to the full

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A residential care home with a difference

Our residential care home has been designed to help you to continue to live life to the full. Even if you’re not in need of 24-hour nursing care or specialist care, such as dementia care, we can give you support with daily living activities, like washing and dressing, so you can focus on making the most of life.

From art classes to trips out and about, there’s always something going on, so you’ll never be lonely. And our award-winning, restaurant-style kitchen serves up a delicious ever-changing menu at times to suit you, so you know you’ll look forward to meal times with none of the hassles of cooking for yourself.

Our residential care is also future-proof for your peace of mind. If your needs change in the future, you know that there’s the option to access additional support and continue to stay with us.

Maintaining independence

We focus on helping you to stay as independent as you can be for as long as possible. Our Occupational Therapists are on hand to help you to maintain or recover the essential skills and mobility you need to make the most of every day.

Make new friends and try new things

Our bustling social calendar offers a wide choice of activities to suit everyone. And that makes it easy to interact with others and share a smile. Talking to others and doing things vital for your health. It helps you to stay as active and mobile as possible as well as being a real boost for your emotional well-being too. That’s why we organise a rich and varied choice of activities. From getting involved in the weekly visits from our local pre-school to sitting back and cuddling one of our regular, trained canine visitors, our activities bring meaning to everyday life as well as raising lots of smiles.

Find out more about our residential care home or arrange to take a look around our home.