More than just a trip out to Seaton tramway

A small group of our residents recently enjoyed a great day out to Seaton. We caught the tram to Colyton for lunch then headed back to Seaton, admiring the nature reserve from the comfort of the tram, before returning to Green Tree Court. Our residents all agreed it was a very enjoyable day, but the benefits to the health and wellbeing of our residents are far-reaching.

Merle Weiner, Head of Activities at Green Tree Court explains: “This is just one of many trips out that we’ve organised this summer. Each of the trips is carefully planned to appeal to the interests of individual residents. In this case, some of the group that went along enjoy a particular fondness for all things relating to transport and engineering and have happy memories of trams from their youth. By organising this day, we’ve got out and about and stayed active, which we know is vital for health and wellbeing. We’ve also stimulated memories as well as forged some happy new ones. And that gives us, and our resident’s families, something new to chat about together.”

Talking about how much she enjoyed the trip, resident Barbara Bearne added: “I was unaware how beautiful the countryside was in this part of Devon, the rolling hills seemed to go on forever.  We were amazed at the number of blackberry bushes, as well blueberry and sloe trees on either side of the railway line, and had a laugh because we were unable to reach out and grab them.”

This summer, the University of Exeter published research that found just 10 minutes of meaningful social interaction a day improves well-being in dementia care. Researchers also found that the average person with dementia in a care home experiences just two minutes of social interaction each day.[1] At Green Tree Court we organise a variety of group and one-to-one activities every day to ensure every resident enjoys the benefits to well-being that comes from spending significant quality time with others. Find out more by calling 01392 240400.

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