You are at the heart of what we do

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Putting you at the heart of what we do

We believe in providing the highest levels of personalised clinical care and attention to keep you safe and comfortable whatever your healthcare needs. But Green Tree Court is not ‘clinical’. It doesn’t feel like a hospital and is profoundly different to the majority of care homes you might have encountered. Instead, we’ve considered what’s important in one’s own home; paying particular attention to the furnishings, the decoration and above all, the atmosphere. When you step through our doors you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a friendly, vibrant boutique hotel but outstanding clinical care is always present.

Our philosophy is to provide a luxurious, stimulating, safe and caring environment that will meet the individual clinical, physical and emotional needs of everyone in our care. Residents are encouraged to maintain their independence and to prolong their vitality, personal interests, dignity and self-esteem.

Our ‘golden rules’

  • We only employ exceptional people who live and breathe our values;  skilled, compassionate individuals who promote dignity and wellbeing for every one of our that residents.
  • We train and assess our staff to the highest standards, ensuring everyone has the skills, knowledge and supervision to support and care for the residents of our home.
  • Green Tree Court staff are motivated, managed, recognised and rewarded for excellence. We actively promote a culture of excellence, teamwork and pride in our work.
  • Resident’s safety, comfort and wellbeing are always paramount. We never cut corners in our time or resources ensuring peace of mind for both those who live at Green Tree Court and their loved ones.
  • Using locally-sourced, fresh ingredients our kitchen staff and dieticians ensure residents always enjoy nutritious, delicious meals of their choice wherever and whenever they want them.
  • With clinical and personal care, we maintain a quality of life that maximises the potential of every resident; fostering social interaction, intellectual stimulation and a meaningful experiences.
  • Our staff help to preserve the dignity and self-respect of the individual through the highest standards of care, recognising the talents, the tastes and the preferences of each resident.
  • We’re good listeners and we’re empathetic. We provide support and build confidence with patience, assurance and by protecting each resident’s individuality and freedom of choice.
  • We recognise that the right of privacy is a fundamental right for all individuals, including the need to respect the confidential nature of information relating to the resident, their family and friends.
  • We appreciate that Green Tree Court is home for our residents. We always maintain a friendly, welcoming environment for our residents’ families and friends.
  • We ensure that family and friends are kept up to date with residents’ circumstances and wellbeing. Moreover, with the residents’ permission, loved ones are always consulted when there are any proposed changes to care plans.
  • Green Tree Court fosters tolerance and understanding, protecting the dignity of each individual and being mindful of lifestyle, cultural and religious needs of residents and staff.
  • We work in a collaborative and cooperative manner with all health and social care professionals involved in maintaining each resident’s wellbeing. We maintain strong, close links with external clinicians and statutory bodies and respect their contribution to our team.
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